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     For collector summer
Spring planting season 15 January - 28 February
     For collector autumn
     Other spring flowering
     Autumn flowering
Autumn planting season 15 June-31 August
Dear László and Renáta!
Thanks for your effort, I received my package unfailing! Respectfully, Varga Zoltán

The bulbs have arrived this morning. I’m very pleased with them and thank you very much for the extra gift bulbs. Every item from my order was sent unfailing. I’m sure I’ll be your customer in the future. Regards: Vargáné Rácz Adrienn

I have received the flower bulbs, thank you very much, they are large enough. I‘m so eager to see them flowering in the springtime. Special thanks for the extra bulbs. Békés Kata

The plants I bought from you are very beautiful. Last year I participated on the “More flower- more beauty in Rákosmente” contest and I won the second prize with my garden. I’m always grateful to you because your plants have a great contribution to my prize. With a gardener’s regards: Kőváriné Hargas Éva

Last summer I ordered an Amaryllis bulb from you. I send you the photos about the wonderful flower. Thank you very much: Pálné Kalocsa

Thanks for your donation, the bulbs are wonderful, I would have accepted gladly the small ones too. Wish you successful business relationships for the future!
Respectfully Bende Imréné retired, Sarkad

Dear Mr. László Gack!
I received the missing bulbs and the gift ones too! Unfailing and integral! Thank you for the fair arrangement! Respectfully: Mogyorósi Györgyné

Dear Renáta and László,

Many thanks for the gift bulbs, I’m sure they will be beautiful; all bulbs I have bought from you brought wonderful flowers…
Have a nice day. Brassai Mária

Dear Renáta and László!
I received the package on Friday. This wasn’t my first order, so the beautiful pieces were not a surprise for me. Yours thankfully: Koczka Antal, Debrecen

Dear László and Renáta!
I received my flower bulbs. It was a great surprise for me, when I saw their large size and the gift crocus and tulips bulbs! A few years ago my mother gave me my first Amaryllis bulb and since then I became a collector of this species. I saw many specialties in your fall catalog and it was hard to decide which one to choose, so I decided to order all of them. I’m confident that on blooming period my gladness will be greater. I wish you success in your work and a lot of appreciation from all people fond of flowers! Regards: Császár Veronika!

The flowers ordered from you are wonderful! I received healthy and large bulbs! Many thanks for them! Hádinger Istvánné

Dear Tulipánvilág!
Last year I ordered from you a few spring –flowering bulbous plants and now I keep my eyes on them, they are wonderful! Many thanks for them! Yours thankful: Baranyai Olga

Dear Tulipánvilág!
Thank you once again for your kindness! I met such a fair company long time ago. My dream is that one day I would like to have a miniature copy of your garden. Best wishes for your future! Regards: Kaposváriné Sári Tünde

Dear Renáta Budai and László Gack!
My package arrived yesterday. Thanks to the careful packaging the plants were intact, healthy and beautiful as they were at the previous order. I can hardly wait for a better weather. I can only recommend you to all flower lovers and I do it!
Have a nice day! Murvainé A. Olga

Let me congratulate on your gorgeous work, this is the third time I have ordered from you, the bulbs are healthy, beautiful and I find great pleasure in their blooming period.
Regards: Juhászné Bogmér Andrea

I received my package. Many thanks for it, everything was all right. The tulip bulbs I ordered last year brought wonderful flowers, everybody in our street admired them. Thank you! Regards: Patyán-Szabó Csilla, Berettyóújfalu

This year I have been late with my orders, anyway I have found a few interesting bulbs. I ordered from you in the previous years and since then my garden has become richer with beautiful plants! Many thanks! Regards: Gál Petra

Dear Tulipánvilag!
My flower bulbs that I ordered from you this fall are growing beautiful. I’m sure we will see a lot of wonderful flowers as soon as the healthy bulbs start blooming.
Thank you very much, I’ very pleased and wish you success in your future work!
Regards: Vértesné - Barcsról


Today I have received my ordered package. I’m very contented with your company; the bulbs have a great quality. I wish you success in your work!
Respectfully: Hajzerné Ficsor Henrietta, Debrecen

Dear Tulipánvilág!
I received the Canna and Dahlia bulbs, thank you very much for them. I can tell you with pleasure that all the tulips, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs have brought flowers. I keep recommending you to my acquaintances, wishing you good health and good job, and I will be back in autumn. Regards: Olosz Réka

This is not the first time I have bought from you flowering bulbs and I’m very pleased with your company, as I am with your clear and ‘high standard of level’ website!! I will keep ordering from you in the future. Yours thankfully: Gadanecz Gabriella

Dear Tulipánvilág!
Thank you very much for the bulbs, they are all healthy without exception. I can only recommend you, because you have sent bulbs of high quality and have brought joy into my life. I can hardly wait for the springtime! Respectfully: Mészáros Piroska

Honorable title!
As I was hoping all the bulbs I received last spring bloomed out, I’m very pleased with them. The lilies were amazing, but the Eucharis didn’t want to resist, its leaves grew with some difficulty. Yours thankfully and respectfully: Antal Szilvia

Many thanks for the wonderful tulips! My bulbs from last year have beoame wonderful! Regards: Imre Dávid

Dear Budai Renáta & Gack László!
I would like to thank you for the Dahlia bulbs sent you this spring! They are growing and blooming more and more! I’m fond of all types of bulbous plants, and there is no more space left in my garden, everything is planted with tulips, daffodils and hyacinth bulbs. I’m very pleased with your website and service, for sure I’ll order from you in the future. Wish you success in your work! Regards: Iunek Timea

Dear Tulipán világ!!!!
I would like to thank you for the gorgeous quality of Lily bulbs! I have never seen such a healthy and large sized bulbs before! Of course they were planted yesterday and I am eagerly waiting for the result! I’m very pleased with the tulip bulbs, too! I can only congratulate on your competence! Careful and exacting package, high quality! I have recommended you to others! WISH YOU LOTS OF SUCCESS AND ENJOY YOUR WORK! Respectfully: Ocskó Andrea SZŐDLIGET

Your mail have stirred up my interest in a possible cooperation and I would like to be your business partner! For years I’ve been a faithful online customer. All the time I was very pleased with your services. According to my experience with your company regarding the quality, specialty and packing method of your bulbs I couldn’t find any objection. Regards: Domsits Mihályné

Dear Tulipánvilág!
I received my ordered bulbs and I‘m pleased with your services. Respectfully: Móricz Oszvald

Dear Tulipánvilág!

Last week I received the tulip bulbs. I’m extremely pleased with the high standard of your services. I haven’t seen such a wonderful, healthy and large sized tulip bulbs for a long while! Wish you lots of success and keep it up! From now on I’ll order the flowering bulbs only from your company! Best regards, Yours thankfully: Hídvégi Szilvia

Dear Budai Renáta! DearTulipánvilág!

We have received the ordered bulbs. Let me express my thanks for your precision, promptness and readiness! Wish you successful work in the future!
Regards: Bodó Attiláné

Dear Mr. Gack!
I’m very pleased with your services and I would recommend your company to other customers, as I’ve done so far. We used to talk about you on an internet forum, where everybody has good remarks on you. I wish you a lot of success in your further work. Regards: Molnárné Irén (molnarka)

Dear Mr. László Gack!
I would like to thank you for the package sent to me. It arrived yesterday. Many-many thanks for the fantastic bulbs. We will plant them soon. My mother navigated me to your website, she is the real gardener in our family and probably we will order other bulbs from your company. Thank you once again for the nice prize and gift. We enjoyed them a lot. Have a very nice day and a lot of success in your work. Regards: Gerencsér Judit, Szombathely

Honorable Title!
I received the ordered bulbs and many thanks for them! I was surprised by the careful packing; I liked it very much, congratulations! I’m very pleased with your services! Yours thankfully: Ignáthné Varga Annamária:
Ps: it is very likely that I’ll be back in spring

Dear Tulipánvilág Bt.

My package has arrived today and I’m very pleased with your services and the unfailing order set-up. Yours thankfully: Földesi Tünde, Budapest

I found the Hungarian tulip-mogul only by now! Congratulation on your initiation, I can hardly wait for the bulb season, until then I have saved your address to my favorite ones, regards: Judit

Dear Budai Renáta!
I received the ordered bulbs and I’d like to thank you for the real quality which is contrasting to other companies that are in flower bulbs and shipping commerce. Everything was very fair: the price, the packing and the readiness, I hope I can have great delight on them in the springtime. You can count on me in spring, until then I’m spreading your good reputation and wish you a lot of success and good health for your work! Regards, Mesterházy Krisztina

Honorable Tulipánvilág!
Many thanks for the handled package. The bulbs are beautiful, especially the daffodils. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to order from you next year! Regards,
Bánki Andrásné

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